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A speech therapist is a professional who is trained to help people overcome difficulties in communication. These difficulties can involve problems in speaking clearly, or they can be more serious, such as the problems with communicating that can follow a stroke. Millions of people have had problems with this at some point in their lives, and speech therapy provides a solution.

An experienced speech language pathologist such as Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A can help you deal with other issues as well. These can include voice therapy, and memory problems. Speech pathologists are trained in swallowing therapy as well, to help people suffering from dysphagia, or problems with the swallowing mechanism.

As you can see, speech therapy encompasses quite a lot. Judy Chambers also provides stuttering therapy and tinnitus therapy. Tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ears. To deal with these issues, Judy uses some unique modalities, such as VitalStim or sound therapy.

Judy works with children as well as with adults. One area that she enjoys dealing with is the problem of Central Auditory Processing Disorders. She finds children with developmental problems in language and/or speech to be a welcome challenge.

Anyone who is in need of an understanding and experienced speech pathologist, or speech therapist, should contact us at Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A, BARA in Chico, CA..

Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A accepts most insurances. Financing is available through Care Credit, with a 6 month interest free program.

Speech Therapy

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