Developmental Issues

There are a number of developmental issues that growing children can need to deal with. These include Language Delay, ADD, Autism, and CAPD. I mention these together because they need the same approach. Instead of doing detailed diagnostic testing, I simply proceed knowing that there is a problem in the function of the neurotransmitters, mitochondria, or the electron transport chain, and I use the sound to attempt to adjust that problem. Standard therapy techniques can take years... sound therapy can achieve positive changes in a matter of months.


When my son had zero words at 18 mos. I knew something was wrong. Being a former Special Education teacher, I knew that early intervention was imperative and I began researching what to do. In looking for local SLP's, I stumbled across Judy's website. I was immediately drawn to the idea of alternative treatment in the form of bio acoustics. I called and set up a meeting with Judy and was impressed with her years of SLP experience as well as her knowledge and practice in bio acoustics. She was also extremely hopeful! I needed hope! She took several voice samples of my son and began setting up a program. Within days of starting the program my son said his first word. We continued to adapt the program and within two months my son went from zero words to 100 words with some 2 word phrases. Judy spent countless hours fine-tuning the program, problem solving and checking progress. I really can't speak highly enough for Judy and bio-acoustics.

-Rebekah Moller