Sound Therapy

The sound therapy practiced by Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A, BARA is a unique, proprietary kind of therapy known as BioAcoustics. It is the sound therapy of Sharry Edwards, M.Ed. Judy Chambers has been studying with Sharry Edwards since 1995, and is the only practitioner of BioAcoustics in the Northstate. In addition to using these techniques in her speech practice, Judy offers this as a separate modality that can help the body heal itself, by using voice analysis, and low frequency sound. When used as part of speech therapy treatment, it is used carefully, and in a limited manner. It is an adjunct to standard speech therapy treatment- a form of neuromuscular re-education. If it is used for purposes other than the correction of speech, or swallow problems, it is not included in the services that are covered by insurance, and must be paid for on a private basis.For issues other than speech or swallow, where the effects are muscular, BioAcoustics can be described as an Alternative Health Modality.

BioAcoustics has been helpful in helping people deal with issues like MS, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, rotator cuff problems, and much, much more. For more information, watch the video at this link:!secretstash/c1uzs. Much more information is also available at the home page:

Please don’t hesitate to call Judy Chambers, MA, CCCSLP/A, BARA for more information regarding BioAcoustics.